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About Simple


Eric Meyers created Simple in 1991 by combining 60s and 70s culture with its roots in California. Inspired by surfing, skateboarding, modern architecture, old bicycles, classic Volkswagens, vintage scooters and eastern philosophy, the brand quickly grasped the attention of a generation.

The brand’s character came from a myriad of simple ideas: distillation, appropriation and curation. Simple takes energy and life from its surroundings.

Thus, the brand name needed to be an amalgamation of all of these factors - and it had to be short and easy to remember. It had to be something that would encompass everything that the product would look like. It had to be ‘Simple’.

In January 1992 the first samples were finished. The design was a reaction to the contemporary styles focused on the newest technologies. It fit the new decade and debuted with casual sport-inspired footwear.

The brand debuted with the Barney: a comfy and casual desert boot on a skate-friendly athletic sole. The brand then delivered retro trainers, clogs and work boots. 


In the early nineties Simple was in a league of its own, and now similar styles to the early Simple shoes are widely available. The Barney, O.S trainer and the Mesa clog were the brand’s trademark ranges, and these are now being rolled out to the loyal supporters who have followed the brand.

In 2010 a large footwear company bought Simple, thus we’ve had our doors closed until recently. It was in October 2014 when we were brought back to life through an incredibly successful Kickstarter project.

This project was initiated by a group of people, including some original Simple designers, who are incredibly passionate about Simple shoes and not willing to see them disappear.

And it seems they were not the only ones enthused for a Simple relaunch, as the campaign goal of $25,000 (£19,000) was beaten in just 24 hours. The campaign reached a grand total of $121,508 (£92,747) in 2015, solidifying the brand’s popularity in the current market.

We are currently working to bring back the brand that so many of you came to love, whilst creating new products that will remain relevant for the future.