Clogs are a timeless style that epitomise casual cool. They have a rich history and continue to be a fashion staple today.

For men, the Mesa is our best-selling design, whilst the Hallie is our alternative for women.

The Mesa Clog

Brown leather Masa clog

About the Mesa

The Mesa clog is one of Simple’s original and iconic shoes. It was brought back to its loyal fan base in 2015 after the company’s four-year closure.

The shoe was a huge part of the successful Kickstarter campaign, with decades-long loyalists striving to have their favourite shoe back on the market.

Available in brown or black leather, the Mesa clog is initially being produced in men’s sizes only.


The leather lined footbed is soft and comfortable, the full grain oil leather uppers tough and durable, and the natural hemp collar rustic and stylish. The Simple logo is branded on the leather uppers, whilst the grooved rubber heel provides grip and absorbs any shock.

These high-quality materials ensure these Mesa clogs are incredibly comfortable and long-lasting.


The clog style of the Mesa shoe is truly timeless. It looks just as good now as it did in its 90’s heyday, and is sure to look even better in the years to come.

Historically, the clog has been around since the 16th century. However, the practical style has only become fashionable and more mainstream in recent years.

The Mesa is a casual shoe, and can be paired with a range of outfits. The Mesa is comfortable, practical and durable.

You can see more of the Mesa clog here.